What is UC Advocates?

what is ucadvocates

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword in the communication and collaboration industry anymore. Every business, no matter how big or small, is experiencing its own transformation, driven by the demand for stronger customer experiences, enhanced productivity, and greater efficiency.

The transformational landscape means that companies have a greater need for flexibility and customisation than ever. As such, as-a-service implementations have become the new baseline for communication investments. What’s more, unified communication solutions have become the foundation of many transformational strategies.

When UC Today was launched in 2017, it came with a vision of creating a more informed and educated community of unified communication and collaboration buyer and sellers. As the UC Today community has grown, we’ve stumbled upon a new way to support businesses in their current age of transformation.

The Rise of UC Advocates

UC Today is a platform that offers a home to the innovators and heroes of the CCaaS, UCaaS, CPaaS, and other crucial markets. As the go-to location for information on not just the latest technology, but also how these new pioneering concepts work, UC Today has carved a space in the growing market. Now, we’re asking you, our incredible community to help us continue on a consistent path of growth.

The UC Advocate programme offers UC and collaboration experts, buyers, innovators, resellers and vendors an opportunity to connect with their peers and drive exceptional growth. Through UC Advocates, social amplifiers, content creators, industry experts, and media influencers can come together to talk about unified communications, collaboration, and CX technology that helps their business to evolve.

The environment offers both a place for people to shout about the technology that they love in the UC marketplace and space where individuals can learn more about the tools and software; they might want to invest in going forward.

Join UC Advocates Today

UC Advocates combines all of the best bits of UC Today, with a social networking vibe and a community forum that allows the discussion around unified communications and collaboration to evolve at an incredible pace. With UC Advocates, you can:

  • Showcase your successes with the latest tech
  • Share content with a vast community
  • Build your status as a thought leader
  • Connect with your peers
  • Promote your business
  • Develop a specialist professional profile

The UC Advocates environment is an informational and educational hub for people in the communication, collaboration, and customer experience landscape. It’s where customers can go to learn about the brands that they want to work with, and companies can develop a better reputation for their organisations, based on social proof, testimonials, case studies, and real-life stories.

With UC Advocates, you’ll find a community that’s always keen to hear about the next stage in your digital transformation journey, as well as a selection of experts who can help you decide where to go with your technology next.

In today’s constantly-connected social environment, UC Advocates gives UC and collaboration leaders, customers, and experts a home.

Come and join the community.



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