UC Advocates Platform – FAQ’s


Frequently asked questions

Q – Am I able to edit once I’ve published something? 

– No, it’s up to the moderator to make sure that the content reads well, and there are no mistakes. If something is wrong with the content (e.g. stat/source not right etc.) – you need to email at  and request a change/removal of the post.  

QHow long will it take to approve suggested content? 

A – Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for content to be approved, but this is unlikely – most content will be approved within 12 hours during the week. 

Q – How many posts can I publish a day? 

A – Currently the amount of posts you can publish a day is 2. 

Q – Can I promote my brand?  

A – Absolutely, but we don’t want any selling of products, solutions or similar but we will happily publish content that focuses on achievements, awards and such. 

Q – Can I get other members of my organisation to join?  

A – Of course, please direct them to and once they’re signed up, we’ll send them an invite to join our UC Advocates platform.  

Q – If I’m inactive will I be removed?  

A – We allow members to be inactive for a month before sending a reminder email, if after the second month you have still not participated in any way to UC Advocates, your profile and account will be deleted to allow other members to join this fast-growing, and popular platform.  

Q – I want to leave the platform, how can I? 

A – It’s a shame to see you go! But if for whatever reason you would like to leave this free platform please email us at  

Q – I’d like to report a user 

A – If you believe a user is breaking the general social guidelines, please contact us at with a screenshot of the comment and we’ll take it from there. We have no moderation for comments so it’s important that you let us know as it is possible we will miss them sometimes, but we have a zero-tolerance policy.  

Q – What kind of opportunities will I gain from being on UC Advocates?  

A – There’s too many to write here, but some that we have already started to create is the planting trees feature which is great for CSR, UC Summit speakers and presentations, we’ll also be inviting you to join in round table discussions, podcasts and webinars with our tech journalist Patrick as well as inviting you to events and physical meet-ups.  This isn’t everything though, as more surprises and rewards will be dished out in the future!  

 Q- Why has my content been refused? 

A – There are a few reasons this could happen, one; it could simply not line up with our vision of UC Advocates and not relate to UC technology in any way, the link might not be correct, or we might have already had a very similar, or exact post from another UC Advocate recently. Please always check the (i) on the refuse button to see the exact reason why it’s been refused.  

Q – Can I share my account across my organisation? 

A – Unfortunately not, this is a platform dedicated to individuals and not teams. If you would like more members of your team to join into UC Advocates, please get them to join here:  

Q- Are there any walkthrough videos or guides available?  

A – There is! Please sign onto the UC Advocates Sociabble platform and click on the channel UC Advocates and you should find a 10-minute video that runs through the entire platform for you. Enjoy!  

Should you have any more questions or comments about UC Advocates, please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!  

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