UC Advocates: Exclusive Crestron Portfolio Overview

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Global leader in workplace tech solutions, Crestron, has carved the path for technological innovation since 1972. As the world reacts to forced remote collaboration, for the time being at least, their Director of Strategy, Unified Communications, Joseph Sarrasin, believes that a truly hybrid future awaits, when everyone is free to gather together again as they choose.

Crestron delivers powerful and flexible solutions for collaborating teams – delivering workplace-as-a-service precisely when and where it is most needed. And so, to help our network of UC experts learn about the benefits of the Crestron experience, Joseph is delivering a complete Product Briefing, exclusively for UC Advocates.

Get the Low-Down on Crestron

Running at 16:00 BST (GMT +1) on Wednesday the 6th of May (2020), the Crestron Portfolio Overview is an exclusive interactive Q&A session, explicitly designed for UC Advocates. You’ll need to be a UC Advocate to gain access, so make sure that you’re signed up for the program if you’re not already.

The event will be hosted by our very own Rob Scott of UC Today, and you’ll be able to pose any questions that you might have about the product portfolio that will be delivered, to Joseph Sarrasin, Director of Strategy for Crestron.

Following the event, we’ll upload the video to the UCA website for everyone to enjoy.

However, if you want to take part in the interactive Q&A session, you’ll need to make sure that you’re logging in at 16:00 BST on the 6th of May.

An Exclusive Event for Our UC Advocates

The Crestron Portfolio Overview briefing is just the first of a series of events, designed to give you more insight and information as one of our valued UC Advocates. These digital experiences are specifically designed to provide you with the updated knowledge that you need to thrive in this rapidly changing UC world.

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Just one of the many perks of being an advocate, this new product briefing session gives you a VIP opportunity to step behind the scenes and check out the inner workings of some of the most exciting new tech in the industry.

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