Celebrating 100 Members for UC Advocates


UC Advocates is growing at a rapid pace – and we’re here to thank you for taking part!

When we created UC Advocates, we were looking for a new opportunity to support our growing community of Unified communication and collaboration experts, buyers, and thought leaders. UC Advocates gives people from all backgrounds in the UC&C environment a place where they can learn about the latest innovations in the marketplace, discuss their success stories, and explore new opportunities together.

The UC Advocates environments offer a place where people can celebrate the technology that they love, and help others move to the next step in their digital transformation strategies. We’re proud to say that our initiative has been an incredible success, earning 100 active and engaged members already! This is an excellent milestone in our strategy for building a complete UC&C advocacy community, but it also represents another achievement too. Thanks to our partnership with the trees for tribal project hosted by tree nation, we’ve been able to plant 100 trees for UC Advocates – that’s one for each of our members!

Planting 100 Trees with Tree-Nation

We build our UC Advocates platform on Sociabble, one of the leading advocacy solutions which allows users to create their own unique profiles, share information instantly, and even earn rewards for their actions. One of the initiatives that we implemented as part of our UC Advocates project for this quarter, was “Trees for Tribals“. This unique program allowed UC Today to partner with tree nation to plant a tree in a crucial area of the world for every person who signed up for the UC Advocates platform.

The tree nation project helps to support indigenous communities that rely heavily on forests in their area for safety, comfort, food, and even their livelihood. The trees that we’ve planted for the Bhatra tribe with your help will allow them to access crucial sources of fuel, food, drink, firewood, medicine, fodder for livestock, housing materials, and more. That means that every person who has signed up for UC Advocates so far has helped to change the lives of a tribe of people reliant on our world’s forests.

With your help, and our partnership with the tree-nation project, we’ve been able to support indigenous tribes in building their homes. What’s more, we’ve also done our part to support the growing demand for reforestation around the world.

Here’s to Continued Growth

We’re thrilled to be announcing 100 members, and 100 trees planted during this early stage of the UC Advocates platform. However, we don’t want to stop there and we hope that you’ll work with us to continue developing this incredible environment for the communication and collaboration landscape even further. With your help, we can create the ultimate community for people who want to learn about unified communication and collaboration and share what they know with the masses.

What’s more, as we continue to work with tree nation, the continued development of the UC Advocates platform will also translate into more trees planted for the indigenous tribes that need them.

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